Sculpting Milkweed Manor

I’m making a fairy house for our local PBS station art auction.  It’s a juried event, so this piece may or may not make its way into the auction.  And if it doesn’t, that’s OK – I’ll keep it! 
This fairy garden house is larger than the other ones I’ve made, measuring all of 9″ tall.  It’s also a more complicated design with the pop-out in the front, the turret in the back, and the widow’s walk at the peak of the roof.  It has a dragon, two owl, and three crows to go with it.
This was my sculpting process.  First I built the basic four walls and joined them together.  Then I made the front door unit.  This was three pieces – the front and two sides.  I attached it to the main house then cut away the main house wall behind it.  Next I formed the turret and attached it to the back corner.  The cut lines where the turret comes over the roof-to-be were a bit tricky.  Once the turret was attached, I cut away the corner of the main house behind it.  After cutting out the windows from the turret, I added the floor towards the top.  The next step was the main roof which was four pieces – a front, a back, the flat top for the widow’s walk, and the roof over the front door pop-out.  The final addition was the turret roof.  I textured the walls and added the clay “stones” around the windows and doors after the house was built so that I could get continuity of the rock wall designs around and in the corners.  
Once the house was done, I sculpted the owls, crows, and dragon.
I’ve used three different kinds of stoneware clay for this project.  The dragon is a white clay.  The house itself is speckled brown as are the owls.  The roof and crows are cassius basaltic which fires black.  I’m not sure yet if or how I’ll glaze it.  First things first!
Here’s a view of the back and the turret.


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