The Start of Spring Foxes

For the next three days I’ll be at an art retreat at the local college, working on art projects with about fifteen other people from local art clubs.  These are held once a quarter and I’ve gone to every one since the beginning about two years ago.  They’re thoroughly enjoyable!

I’m usually in a quandry about what project to take with me, but this time it’s clear.  My Etsy shop needs attention – specifically, a new banner for spring.  The one I have up now is a slice of a painting I did of foxes in the snow.  So these two will be in a springs setting.

Getting started on this project has been slow as I’ve been so caught up in ceramics lately.  But this really needs to get done, and once I started the drawing I got into it.  In fact, I was tempted to finish it a a drawing.  And I still may before I move on to the painting.  There’s just something so alluring about drawing.


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