First Painting Session on the Spring Foxes

This painting is starting out as quite a struggle for me.  I just have no confidence when it comes to painting landscapes.  But I began nonetheless.

My first step was to tone the canvas with the reddish pink that you can still see in places on the forward fox.  I was hoping that the toning would help unite the color scheme around a spring color.  After blocking in the sky and field, I added the tree trunks on the right then added layer after layer of blossoms.  Then I did the same thing on the tree behind the foxes, and finally began working on the animals.  The rear one was my first focus.  At the end of the painting session, I loosely defined the edge of the rise that the foxes are sitting on.

The animals are so much more fun to paint than the rest of it!  By the way, this is a small painting- 9 by 16 inches.


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