Cat for Kindness

Here’s another ceramics piece I sculpted.  It’s drying and getting ready for its bisque firing.

I’m quite happy with it so far because I’ve found cats so difficult to draw or sculpt.  It took me a long time before I felt somewhat proficient at drawing and painting cats.  And aside from this one, there are only a few other cat sculptures that I’ve been happy with – my little cat shaman in clay from about two months ago, and a paper clay cat head from longer back that was intended for a doll.  I haven’t finished that one yet, but I’ve been working on it “in the background.”  The doll is fully assembled but I’m stuck on the clothing and accessories.

I’ve been enjoying making these clay plaques.  Sculpting in relief, though, brings its own problems.  Although the total depth of the piece is not much, you somehow have to suggest a fully 3D subject.  I guess it’s not that different a problem from painting where there’s no depth at all, only an illusion.

I’ll look forward to glazing this one when the firing’s done.  I’m thinking of a black cat in honor of my recently passed little Starbuck.


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