Inspiration from Gay

I am so fortunate that a lovely woman has purchased two necklaces from my Etsy shop.  She told me her favorite animals and asked if I would consider doing any of them.  One was a sloth, and here’s my piece made to her inspiration.  She was kind enough to purchase it as soon as she saw the listing, and it certainly feels great to have one’s art appreciated.

I sculpted the sloth and branch from polymer clay.  I poked holes vertically through the branch to accommodate beading, and pressed a hollow on each end of the branch so that I could glue in the braided leather cord to form the necklace.  The thing I’m proudest about with this necklace is that I thought of continuing the beading beyond just the branch and partway up the braided leather cord on each side.  I think that does a couple of good things.  First, it integrates the focal piece with the cord, and second it visually diminishes the difference in diameter between the cord and the branch.

So, all in all, I’m happy with this piece, and I hope Gay will be too.


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