Fun with Macrame and Beading

While browsing the internet I happened by and found a video tutorial for making this wrap bracelet.  So now I’m hooked.  You start with a length of 2mm leather cord and string a button on it to the middle.  Then you fold the two halves of the cord down and begin macramé-ing around them.  Adding beads and changing the macramé cord colors makes it especially interesting.
I’ve made several now and am putting them in my Etsy shop.  It’s also been fun scouring Etsy for interesting buttons like this one which is from another Etsy shop,  It’s pewter and is signed on the back.  I think it says “Danforth fish” but the writing is very tiny and somewhat worn.
Here’s another bracelet.  This button is also pewter, with a nice design of a sheep or ram encircled with stars.  I added some beaded dangles to this bracelet.  These are very fun to make!


2 thoughts on “Fun with Macrame and Beading”

  1. Being a child of the 70's, macrame was very fashionable when I was growing up, in fact I made my fair share dodgy brown string plant pot holders! However, reading your post has inspired me to have a go again, especially if I could make bracelets as good as yours – they look wonderful, I'm sure you will have no problems selling them.


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