Smiling Howling Wolf

This wolf was in the kiln with the raccoon shaman, and I am so pleased with the way the glaze came out.  Considering the struggles I was having with glazing – not to say that there isn’t still a tremendous amout to learn – I think I now have a procedure that works for me, and I’ll share it is a blog post soon.

I think I used about five different glazes on this wolf and a few of them were Mayco Elements which give a stoneware look to low fire ceramics.  I find them very beautiful the way the colors develop and break in the firing.  So, thank you, Mayco!

I find myself using my little copper wire coils over and over again, impressing them to make designs in my sculptures.  At first I thought this repetition was a problem, but I now accept it as a type of visual signature – not a bad thing!


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