The Glazed Bear Shaman

The little bear shaman is out of the kiln now and you can see how different the glaze colors are from the previous posting and appreciate why it’s so important to have some system to keep track of the finished colors as you’re applying the glazes.

Sometimes the colors get a bit splotchy, but I’ve come to accept that as part of the “look.”

Anyway, I’m really enjoying making these little animal figuries.  The challenge is simply to make them a bit different from every other little animal figurine and to establish my own style.  I guess one thing that helps define my style is fantasy.  I’ll have to think about what the others are.

Perhaps a sense of kindness and gentle fun.  Hopefully a vision of all creatures being connected by their similarities.  Happiness, and nice colors.  And a positive, loving outlook on life.  That, anyway, would be my hope.


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