Bunny Shaman

This little one looks so much like Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, or, more properly, Mopsy since this rabbit is a girl.  I didn’t try to do that – it just happened.  I guess Beatrix Potter’s work is just part of my subconscious.
I did something a little different on this shaman.  I left the cloak open at the bottom and added the lower part of the body, the legs, and the tail inside the cone of the cloak.  It wasn’t really much more work, but it looks like there’s more to the figurine.
I have some very hefty violets growing in my garden, so I was able to use real violet leaves for the impression on the cloak.  I find that the veins are more prominent on the undersides of the leaves, so I press them into the clay upside down.  For the center of the flower, I used a little iridescent topaz glass drop bead.  I left a hole for it in the clay, then after the bunny was all glazed and done, I threaded a small piece of wire through the hole in the bead and twisted the ends together for a little “stem.”  Then I glued the stem into the hole in the clay.  I think it’s more secure with the wire rather than just gluing the bead directly to the clay.
This little girl got views and favorites within the first hour she was in my Etsy shop.  I hope she finds a new good home!


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