The Bear Has Core Wool

Here’s my bear with her core wool added.  This wool is roving.  When I’ve felted before I’ve always used batt.  So wrapping with the roving is something new for me as I follow Sara Rezulli’s method.

I found that this went pretty quickly and was not very difficult.  I began by wrapping the toes with tiny bits of wool then continued with the legs which took four layers of wrapping.  Body, neck, and head were next.  After I wrapped those several time, I added large half-egg shapes on her sides and cheeks.  Then I found that I needed to build up her rump, belly, and the spaces between the half-egg sides and the tops of the legs.  My only concern is that I may have added a bit too much core wool on her head.  I say that because there needs to be “room” to add the finish wool all over.

So, my continued thanks to Sara for her many videos in which she generously shares her methods.  You can find her at

By the way, I’m liking the way the claws look.  I think it was important to put them on to help define her as “bear.”


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