Finished Needle Felted Bear

Here is Swithun, my needle felted bear, all finished and ready for adventure in the forest.

I finished him this afternoon.  Mostly it was a fun process, but there was a bit of angst, especially with the muzzle which was too big on the initial layers.

I used glass eyes.  (They are 9mm and I got them at  They had wires, and I thought that the wires would poke into the wool, but they didn’t.  Probably because I needle felted a pretty compact base for the eyes.  So I cut the wires off and glued the eyes on with Alene’s Quick Grab.  Oh, and I felted tan under them so the irises would show.

After the glue dried I felted around them with the dark wool.  Before this step, the eyes were looking pretty scary with the tan rims all around.

After much fussing and wondering what to do, I think I achieved a pretty nice face. 

Thanks, Sara, for sharing your methods on your videos on


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