Desert Fox

Today I felted this little fox.  She’s supposed to be a fennec fox.  When I was adding the armature for the ears they seemed way too big.  But now that she’s done, they’re actually too small!

Thanks again to Sara Renzulli for putting her wonderful instructional videos on her site,  She sells supplies at her etsy shop, SarafinaFiberArt.  The burlap bag my fox is leaning on is the felting surface I bought from that shop, and much of the wool is from her shop as well.

Where I depart from Sara’s method is with the eyes.  Sara felts them, but I like to use glass eyes.  I just snip the wires off, tightly felt a tight flat spot where they’re going to go, and glue them in place with Alene’s Fast Grab glue.  I felt over them a bit (eyelids) and I like the way they look.

I searched online for an image of a fennec fox skeleton and, surprisingly, I found one.  It seems that if you get the proportions of the armature to match the proportions of the skeleton, you will be in pretty good shape.  

I have temporarily added whiskers of black fireline which is a strong beading thread.  But I think they’re too thin.  I’m going to ask my sister if I can have a bit of hair from her horse’s mane.  It’s 50/50 what the answer will be!



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