Stab, Stab, Stab – More Needle Felting

This time, a cat slowly emerged from the needle and felt.  I had a really hard time with it though, to the point that I nearly threw it away!  But then I remembered that you don’t learn anything by giving up.  Plus, I believed that somehow I could make it work.

I began by finding an image of a cat skeleton on the internet, then drew the main bones to the size I wanted my finished animal to be.  From there, I assembled the wire armature.  I think my problem was that it just takes so many layers to add enough wool and it looked weird for so long.  Plus, after a bit I focused on the head.  So the head got really large in comparison to the body, and it looked even weirder.

I think the method of starting out with a more-or-less real skeleton armature may cause problems through the process, but in the end it gives an animal that is nicely posable.

Even with drawing and painting, I’ve found cats to be the hardest animals.   And the tradition continues with needle-felting!


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