Next — a Rabbit

Then it was on to a rabbit!  Once again, I began with an armature made from an image of the skeleton.  But this time it was even more difficult because the skeleton indicates much more going on with a rabbit body than what we actually see – which is basically a ball of fluff with feet sticking out.  But I wanted the rabbit posable, so had to proceed this way.

There was an awful lot of filling space with wool, and I often worried about how much wool I was using.  It’s not just the expense, but also that it seems a shame to “bury” perfectly good wool deep inside the body where it will never be seen.  I’ve wracked my brain trying to think of an alternative.  I’ve come up with a few but have rejected them.  One was wrapping with strips of old felted wool sweaters.  But those aren’t either easy or cheap to come by – at least not here in California where they’re not worn regularly.

So I persevered and here’s the result.  For once, I found feet actually fun to make!  I’d like to make many more rabbits.  There are so many different breeds and colorings – an artist’s playground!


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