An Art Vacation

Last week I went on an art vacation to Maryland where I took a three day class in needle felting from Sara Renzulli, owner and founder of Sarafina Fiber Art.  Due to travel problems, I missed the morning of the first day which was information sharing about types of wool, skeletal structures, and color mixing.  In the afternoon, we made a bird.  I was disappointed to miss the discussion about the various types of wool fiber, but needle felting the bird was fun and relaxing – just what I needed at that point!

This donkey is the project we did during the second day.  It’s a testament to Sara’s teaching skills that all of us students were able to complete our projects in one day. I think the head is too big, and that’s really exaggerated by the camera angle in this photo.  But at least she has a sweet expression.

I have watched all of Sara’s videos and was pleased to learn some new techniques that she’s developed since.  It was a nice day, and everyone seemed pleased with their donkeys.

The weather in Maryland was quite different from here in California and I was hoping to see some rain.  Despite the overcast the whole time I was there, sadly there was only the most anemic of showers.


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