My Own Small Reindeer

Inspired by Sara’s reindeer project, I decided to make some smaller ones, with one significant change – the antlers.  Sara’s were needle felted over a pipe cleaner core.  Mine are twisted rusted wire.  After I formed the antlers but before I attached them to the head I sprayed the wire with matte acrylic varnish so that the little specks of rust wouldn’t get all over everything.

I like the look of rust, and the rusted bell on the harness complements the wire of the antlers.  The harnesses are twisted cords of brightly colored embroidery thread, complete with tassels.  I wanted to suggest that these are Scandanavian – maybe Lapland – reindeer.

These little ones illustrate a problem that I sometimes have with working small – an increased tendency to make the head too big.  That’s probably because there’s more detail on the head and I subconsciously “want more room.”  But I’ll have to watch out for that problem.  Also, in future, I’m going to make the legs a bit longer.


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