A Mystical White Reindeer

I’ve been art-starved for a few days and so got back to it eagerly yesterday.  I wanted to make a few more of my small reindeer, including a white one.  That sounded so mystical!

This time, I’m was going to try to do a better job of documenting the process.  So, in this first photo you see the armatures and antlers.  The antlers are twisted rusty wire.  The armatures are formed from paper coated florist wire.  The one in the front also has its pipe cleaner wrap.  I didn’t wrap the legs though because this reindeer is relatively small and I want the legs to stay thin.

Here’s a tip!  The hooves are going to be black but the wire is white.  If I leave the wire white, some of it may show at the very tips of the hooves.  I have found that this paper coated wire takes alcohol ink beautifully.  So just a drop on each hoof point solves the problem.

Then I got so into making the reindeer that I forgot to take more interim photos.  Here’s the finished one, and as I make the second one today I’ll try to remember to take more pictures!

P.S.  I think I always make the heads too big.  I’m going to try to stop a little earlier in the process of wrapping the armature with core wool so that I have more “room” for the finish coat and the whole head should turn out smaller.  (Note To Self!)


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