Ready for Hibernation


When I make a little animal – needle-felting, clay, or whatever – I try to add a detail to make it special.  In this case, I remembered a group of flannel fabrics that I had bought some years ago to make a bear theme quilt.  Why not use a bit of it for a quilt for this little bear?  As I worked on the quilt, I realized that the addition of the quilt made this piece a hibernating bear!
I really like this method of needle felting that yields a posable animal.  I could pose him perfectly, holding the blankie and perhaps sucking his thumb.  He is indeed ready for a long winter’s sleep!
When I began making him I intended to make something for my Etsy shop to raise some funds for Idaho Black Bear Rehab.  But now that I see him I’m not so sure I want to part with him.  So I’ll probably making another for in the shop.
I’m so glad I came across needle-felting – love it!

2 thoughts on “Ready for Hibernation”

  1. Thanks, Simonne,
    I'm very happy with him. There's been a large forest fire near here and I can't help but think of all the poor wild creatures – especially they bears – who have lost their lives. God bless them!


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