Cat Shaman Again

I did a cat shaman a few months ago but never glazed it.  I’m not that happy with it, I guess, so I decided to try the subject again.  This one is better.  I wonder why cats are so hard to draw or sculpt?  They’re not that different in structure from other animals, but somehow they elude me.  Perhaps practice in the answer.

It doesn’t show so well in this picture, but when I formed the basic cone for the body, I got the idea of cutting a leaf shape from the bottom corner on the left.  It turned out pretty cool, and when it’s glazed I’ll take a photo where that part shows better.

I’m taking more time and care on the construction of these pieces now.  I used to leave the bottom open and you could look up inside and see where the head pokes in, etc.  On this one, I added a piece to cover the bottom.  That’s where I put my signature stamp, instead of up inside, and it looks better and more polished.  Of course I had to poke a hole in it so the air can escape when it’s fired.


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