Color for Fanny

Now I’ve applied the first layer of color to the painting of Fanny Price the cat.  I’m using Polychromos Watercolor pencils.  I find it very difficult – impossible, actually – to get a smooth layer of color over a larger area, but that’s OK with me for this because I kind of like the mottled look.  I’m working on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, and I’ve applied workable fixative over the graphite pencil, so it’s very possibly a problem with the surface I’m using rather than with the watercolor pencils themselves, as it seems that the damp brush pushes the paint around on the somewhat slick surface.

I was trying for a less yellow background color.  The pencil I began with was even yellower than this, but I layered a medium brown over it, and then even the purple towards the bottom to try to dull it a bit more.

By the way, I should say that something I really like about Polychromos watercolor pencil is that the colors, once dampened and dried, don’t more around under the next wet layer.  The exception I’ve found to this is black.  Black, even when dry, readily re-wets and moves around.  Little things that one gets to know…


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