Larger Reindeer

I am fortunate to have a custom order through my Etsy shop for a pair of 10″ reindeer.  I began yesterday and completed the core wool on one only to find that the reindeer wasn’t tall enough.  So this morning it was “back to the drawing board” for some new calculations!

I thought it might be interesting to record the process, plus it will help me to have something to refer back to when I make the second one.

The armature was the first step.  I used 14 gauge aluminum wire except for the toes which are 22 gauge cloth covered florist wire.  Then the whole got a covering of pipe cleaners to help the wool stick.

In this second photo I have the first layers of core wool applied.  So far, this is all wrapping.

 At this point, the core wool is finished.  I added some shapes on the belly and sides and chest, then added the antlers.

The antlers were a challenge because I felt I needed something thicker than the double strand of twisted rusted wire that I’ve been using for the smaller reindeer.  So, as I formed each of the two antlers, I added a second strand of rusted wire and worked the two as one.  It was difficult, but I was pleased with the result.  When adding the coat of Diamond Glaze I couldn’t resist adding a dusting of micro glitter.

Here’s the reindeer with his pelt applied.  He’s all finished except for the harness.  I’ll make both harnesses when I have both reindeers done.  So far, so good!

By the way, I was working on this at my morning room table.  The room has windows on two sides.  At one point I looked up and there was a gorgeous buck standing about 20′ away and looking towards me.  I imagined him saying “this is how it’s done!”   


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