My Special Fox Girls


These are my special little fox girls, Lucy and Mae.  They’re needle-felted then dressed in clothes I made from old pillowcases, laces trims, and hankies that I bought on Etsy.  These are the first of a series of animal dolls that I plan to make.  They will all live in the forest behind “Thistledown Manor.”  Lucy and Mae’s mom made her girls’ clothing from cast off bits she found in the manor trash.

Originally I made these for my Etsy shop, but now that I have them I like them so much that I’m not ready to part with them.  So I’ve decided to make my first collection as “prorotypes,” and then make others for the shop.  I’ve also finished a mouse – which I will post soon – and am working on a raccoon.

These little pieces fit so nicely into a fantasy world that I guess I’ve enjoyed for a very long time.  As a child I played in the woods, and I’ve long wanted to make animal dolls.  Of course, I’ve made some.  But this combination of needle-felting and clothing from vintage fabrics just feels right.  When I first started working with needle-felting I didn’t think I could achieve the level of detail that I wanted in this medium.  But now I think I can.


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