A Female Joins the Flock

I made a female sparrow to begin to grow the flock.  Sadly, this isn’t a very good photo of her, but I’ll get a better one when I make her a handkerchief dress.  I’m having trouble getting the armature right on these.  I didn’t make very good notes when I made the first one.  It was a bit big, and this second one is even bigger, so I’ll have to scale the armature down by about 10% or 15% and also avoid adding so much wool at the core stage.
Birds present a problem with their feet.  It’s a balancing act, and the temptation is to make the feet larger, perhaps, than they should be to help with balance. 
Also I didn’t really have the right colors of wool for the female.  Wool colors are a problem,  The subtle gradations one wants don’t seem to be available.  But I will make do while I keep looking because I really don’t want to venture into dying the wool myself!
Despite the problems I’ve mentioned, I’m generally happy with these.   But there is more work to do!


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