More Birds

I’ve made more birds.  The male sparrow on the far right was the first one.  The one in the scarf (from a vintage hankie) is the second one.  The second from the left is the third, and then I made the other three as a group.

For the final three – the white ones that aren’t finished yet – I was very careful with measurements on the armature.  Nonetheless, they all turned out a bit different from each other.  One major difference comes in with the slightest change in the position of the eyes.  And the other biggie is from wrapping and applying the core wool shapes.  I notice that I have a tendency to do too much at the core stage – especially around the head.  I’ve noted this before, and I guess it’s a tendency that I will continue to have to resist.

The little sparrow in the scarf is ready to go on Etsy.  She has a sweet expression, I think, especially around the eyes.  And the scarf from the vintage hankie – complete with ribbon rose over the knot – is a special touch.


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