The European Badgers

It’s back to needle felting, and I’ve decided to try badgers.  I’m going to make both European and American badgers, but I’m starting with the European ones.
The top photo shows the beginning stages of the pair, Graham and Beryl.  On the left is the finished wire armature.  It’s wrapped with pipe cleaners for the wool to grab on to.  And the toes are fashioned from 22 gauge cloth-covered florist wire.  I wrap the florist wire around a loop of the armature wire (the foot).  Every other wrap is elongated into a loop and when I’m done wrapping I twist the loops for the toes.  The wool will grab the cloth on the florist wire.
On the right is one that’s a little further on.  The legs and toes are wrapped with natural black core wool while the body and head are wrapped with off-white core wool.  There’s farther to go with the core wool.

The bottom photo shows the badgers further on in the process.  In the one on the left, the core wool is finished, the upper legs are wrapped with the final color, and it’s ready for the pelt, and sculpting and finishing the head.  The one on the right is finished.  Cute, aren’t they?


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