The Little Rabbits’ Garden Party

 The glazing on these little ceramic rabbits was quite tedious, but the sculpting was lots of fun and I’m so happy with the outcome.  They’re each about 4″ tall, and the three together make such a cute group.  My design concept was that the little rabbits are going to a pot luck garden party, each bringing their favorite vegetable from the garden.

Penelope is bringing a pepper.

Philippa is bringing carrots.

And Portia is bringing a lovely cabbage.

Generally, this process went quite smoothly, but I made a mistake in the second firing.  While the glaze was still wet, I placed the vegetables (which were sculpted and glazed separately) in place in the rabbits’ paws, expecting the glaze to act like glue.  It did before it heated up in the kiln.  But at some point in the firing, the pepper and carrots fell to the kiln floor.  I was quite surprised that I was able to pry them off the kiln floor – I was expecting that they’d be stuck in place forever.  But I did get them up and glued them in place.  Lesson learned!


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