A Small Painting

 Our local art club is having its 50th anniversary this year.  We’re having a party to celebrate, and part of the celebration will be a small souvenir painting for each guest.  Various members, myself included, are volunteering to do the paintings.  They will all be on 5″x7″ canvases.

By the way, I’d like to say that Dick Blick’s (www.dickblick.com) little canvases are very good quality and a great bargain at $1.99 (for the 5″x7″ size).

I have volunteered to paint 5 of them, and here’s my first, an acrylic painting of a hare amongst the bleeding hearts and ferns. I think the color scheme is successful.  And the hare has a sweet expression.  My error (at least one of them) is in the bleeding heart foliage.  I drew it from memory.  After I finished the painting, I happened to run across a photo of bleeding hearts in a gardening catalog that had just arrived in the mail, and I saw that my memory of the foliage – although fine regarding the color – fell short regarding the shape!

I guess I’ll call it “artistic license.”  I’ve checked, and mine is current.


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