The Arth Journal

I made this journal to take with me on my recent trip to Henley-on-Thames, UK.  The pages are good drawing paper in white, cream, fawn, and natural.  The idea was to sketch the beautiful things I knew I would see in this book.

The covers are book board (a thin masonite type material) painted with acrylics.  After they were painted, I glued them to a piece of gesso-d and painted floor canvas.  I left a canvas spine of about 1″ width so I could sew the signatures in.

The satin ribbons for bookmark and closing ties I secured between the book board covers and the canvas when I glued them together.

It’s a nice, substantial feeling journal.  But I got the feeling that it was “too good” to sketch in, so, after its travels from California, to England, and back, it remains sadly empty.  I will need to rectify this!

PS  “Arth” means bear in Gaelic.


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