Painting Pussywillows

Here’s another journal I painted this springs.  I wanted to do something with pussy willows in it, and a little sparrow seemed like the natural subject for them to share the stage with.  And of course it wouldn’t be spring without violets.
I decided to use pussy willow branches to frame the border as well as frame a cartouche for the bird.  Ironically, the cartouche is – unconsciously – a house shape.  Is it a birdhouse?
I’m often glad that I began painting with decorative painting.  Not only did it introduce me to three lines of decorative paints which have such beautiful colors premixed (Delta Cermancoat, Americana, and Plaid), but also familiarized me with brushes and techniques that I’ve never come across in “fine art” painting.  One example is stippling with an old, beat up round brush, and that’s the perfect technique for the pussy willows.
Anyway, I had fun with this one and I’m ready to paint more journals – and more birds!


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