More Journals

I made a few more hand-painted canvas-covered journals recently.  Painting the cover for the wolf journal was so like doing a painting for the wall.  I took great care with the background and, of course, with the wolf. The background was really fun to paint.  For the trees, I just scumbled in color then stood back and looked for possible tree shapes, for parts that seemed to go back and other parts that seemed to come forward, and followed those hints.  Then it was pretty much the same for the grass and the rocks.  The wolf was a more deliberate process, generally going from dark to light.
The bottom picture shows the bear journal also.  It has a more mystical feel with the bear up in a tree and lit from below.  The lighting is wrong since the light comes from the moon which is behind him.  Given that, the bear should really be just a dark silouhette, but that’s where artistic license saves the day!


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