Mouse in a Yellow Rose

Here’s another of my recent ceramic pieces – a little mouse exploring a yellow rose.  It was surprisingly simple to create the rose.  I began with the central petals then just added one petal at a time till I had the entire flower formed.  Then I added the leaves and a flat base.  During the bisque firing, one of the petals dislodged, but I was able to glaze it separately and glue it in at the end.  The mouse is also glued in.
I sculpted the mouse after the rose because I had to make her so that she would fit between the petals.  She’s actually missing on of her back legs, but it doesn’t show.  Her little front feet are resting on the edge of one of the petals, though you can’t see it from this angle.  The flower is about 6″ across.
When I did the glazing, I added some peach towards the center of the petals, and some white here and there on the edges, although the white doesn’t show much.


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