Little Lost Lamb

I was working on a few little stoneware fairy garden houses and had a small lump of clay left, so I made this little lamb.  What was so amazing is that it took exactly the amount of clay that I had left – no more, no less.  She’s a bit bowl-legged, but I think it makes her especially endearing.
The clay is speckled brown from and is a clay that I particularly like.  It is a warm medium brown and has little specks in it that turn black when fired.  The color of the clay doesn’t leave a lot of color choices for glazing, but I really like these two on it – Black Walnut and Birch, both Mayco stoneware glazes.  The Black Walnut breaks a very dark rust brown over ridges.  The Birch settles in the grooves for a lighter color.
For the texture in the lamb’s coat, I used a small spiral of wire and stamped with it.
This little lamb is small, about 2″ tall.  She’s one of mhy favorite pieces.


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