A Few New Pieces for a Goal

It’s been so long since I’ve done any artwork.  I went to England for a wonderful vacation the last half of March and was home one day before I got sick – first with a bad cold that lasted nearly 10 days, then with a debilitating weakness that turned out to be anemia.  The pieces I’ve been posting lately are ones I worked on before my trip but didn’t get around to writing about.

This drawing of a dove is one of the very few things I’ve worked on since the beginning of April.  Many weeks went by without doing anything!  Horrible.

Our art club is having a juried show in August and last year I set myself a goal of working hard on pieces for it with the hopeful outcome of winning an award.  I’ve won Awards of Merit in that show in the past, but never Awards of Excellence or Best in Show.  I wanted to break through that barrier.  My plan was to do four pieces – two 2D and two 3D.  At this point, I’ll be lucky to have one of each.  I’m not working or designing with the particular juror and judge in mind – just doing my best. 

My 2D piece will be a collage that centers arund this dove – a similar technique to what I used in the piece of a cat, “The Initiate.”  Whether or not I win an award, I am excited about working with this new techniuqe I am developing.  I just wish I had the energy to really work on it!  The entry deadline is June 12, and all I can say is that I’ll do my best!


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