Roofless Cottage

The cottage is now constructed except for the roof.  When I was assembling the first two walls I had to lean them against cardboard boxes for support.  But once all four were up, it was stable.  Something new I did with this one was to add clay corner pieces to the tops and bottoms of the insides of the four corners. (You can see them along the top edge.)   That’s to help keep the building square which will be very important when I attach the roof.

I constructed my house on my kiln shelf.   That way I will know that it will fit!  It will be heavy to lift into the kiln, but with some help it should go fine.

The separate pieces behind the windows worked out well.  They stabilize the edges of the window cut-outs, but also add nice detail.

The round  bay was tricky.  On any square corners, I used mitred edges on both pieces and that eliminates the need for figuring for the thickness of the clay – as opposed to the thickness of the cardboard pattern, which is thin.  But after a bit of tinkering and fudging it worked out OK. 

The most fun was the owl on the roof of the round bay – naturally!


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