More Collage Bits

This rusted crown is a “bit” for my mixed media dove collage.  I did the drawing back at the end of April.  Obviously, I didn’t make much progress, but I have been thinking and planning.
I made this crown from paper clay that I worked over a cardboard cutout.  When the clay dried, I carefully removed the cardboard from the back, bit by bit, so that it would be less thick.  After all, this is going to be part of a collage which won’t have much depth.
But the crown looks like it’s made out of rusted metal, doesn’t it?  That’s thanks to a wonderful product called “Sophisticated Finished Rust Antiquing Kit.”  The kit consists of two liquids.  The first is very find iron particles in suspension.  So coating the crown with that was like coating it with iron.  Then the second liquid is a rusting agent.  I applied it to the iron-painted crown and voila! 
Well, not quite “voila!”  I had to apply three coats of the rusting solution to get it to this stage.  I think if I were able to dip the piece in the solution, the rusting would have happened faster, but I couldn’t dip or the back of the paper clay would have started dissolving.  But after three coats, I’m very happy with it.  And I think it will look terrific in the collage.


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