The Fairy Flock

The flock, dog, and shepherdess are now glazed and decorated with their collars and antennae.  The shepherdess has a walking sick made from a piece of oak root.  I prefer the roots to the branches because of the beautiful way they curve.  As it turned out, the diameter of the smaller end was exactly the right size to add a vintage glass cabochon.  I then covered the glue joint with a length of cup chain of the same type that I used for the dog’s collar.
While I was applying the glaze to the bisque fired dragon, a lesson presented itself to me.  Whether or not I learned it remains to be seen.  My intention was to make the dragon’s wings the same color as the sheep’s wings.  But I was yacking on the phone with a friend and apparently used the wrong glaze color – the same as I used for the dragon’s body.   Drat!  It’s so easy to do because the unfired glaze colors, in this case, are quite similar grays.  The task required more attention than I gave it!


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