A Round Fairy Tower

I’m really on a roll with these fairy houses, especially when I thought of doing a round fairy “tower.”  Here’s my first attempt.  It’s about 11″ tall.  The little cup on the point of the roof will hold a large glass marble “gazing globe” when I’m done.  This house will, like the others, also have a wood door and glass windows.

You can see that the face of the door and window are flat, so that makes the wood and glass installation possible.

The little hole to the left of the drawer is for my attempt at an outdoor light.  More about that later, after the house is fired and glazed and ready for the finishing details.

The two side windows aren’t, however, flat.  So I’m not sure what I’ll do about glass for them.  I have a large glass cylinder (part of an old bird feeder, I think) that I may be able to cut and fit.  But I don’t know yet.  I guess I could also put a piece of flat glass in and only have it glued at the two sides. 

This problem needs more thought for a better solution – probably at the construction stage. 

The reason I did it this way in the sculpting was simply that it was easier than building out the flat piece like on the front.  Also, I thought the side windows should play a secondary role, visually.  Perhaps I should have made them flat, but by recessing them to a flat area rather than building them out.  I’ll try that in the future.


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