Sherbet’s Portrait is Finished

I finished this little one’s portrait and took it over to Kerry at Foothill Dog Rescue to show her since it’s the first of a series of portraits that I will have printed on cards as a fund raiser for them.  She cautioned me to try to find reference photos of dogs with their ears up – that ears back indicates fear or uncertainty.  Will do, but I think this one looks sweet.  Despite the caution, Kerry was very happy with this first effort.
Anyway, I found out that her name is Sherbet.  A team from Foothill Dog Rescue rescued her and several other dogs from a high-kill shelter.  (They had a photo of a German Shepherd at the shelter that they had to leave behind – don’t know why – and it was a heart-breaker.  But, from comments on the post, it looks like the German Shepherd has been either adopted or fostered.  I don’t know how the team does this work with all the tragedy.  But, God bless them for doing it and for saving so many.)
Sherbet is just four months old and has been adopted.  Bless her little heart.
When I was working on this painting, a few of my painting buddies commented that, although it is acrylic, it looks very much like watercolor.  I guess that’s because I paint quite thin and like to use mostly transparent colors whenever I can.  What I love about it is that as I paint in layers, the lower layers remain undisturbed. 
By the way, the light squiggly texture in the background is white crayon between layers of thin transparent washes.  I like the playful look.


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