Another Fairy Garden

I just can’t seem to help myself!  When I was making the fairy towers (one is still waiting to be glazed) I just had to make one for myself even though I already have four fairy gardens on my deck.  Here it is.
As you can see, this one is small, just in a 14″ low bulb pot.  The “tree” is an azalea I found at our local nursery that has very tiny leaves and lilac, star-shaped blooms in the spring,  The roundish plant in the front is a miniature coral bells.  The “bush” to the right of the coral bells is another azalea – a bonsai start.
I made the little fence by poking pointed sticks into the ground for the posts, then weaving long thin green branches between the posts.  The arch is an oak branch green enough that I could bend it and stick the ends far enough into the soil to hold its shape.  The little plants on either side are miniature ivies.  The leaves are so tiny – about 1/4″ across!
I found the coral bells and the miniature ivies on a wonderful web site,  If you’re making a fairy garden, check it out!


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