Cleaning Pays Off!


 I was helping my sister clean her back room and during the process she was going to through away this sweet little frame – so I salvaged it!  The opening is a 3 3/4″ square and I thought it would be very nice indeed with a little bird portrait.

So the next day I was to have three hours of idle time when I was doing my scheduled shift at the reception desk at our local art club’s annual show.  I decided it would be the perfect time to work on this little painting.  I did the drawing ahead of time, on Strathmore Mixed Media paper.  I took my watercolors and brushes to the show and was able to finish this little painting in the 3 hours.

After working recently on my dog portraits with acrylic, it was a little challenging to adjust to the water color where the lower color layers tend to lift.  But I got through it.  I sprayed the painting with a clear acrylic matte spray.  There is no matt in this frame, so the painting would be directly against the glass and I thought it would need protection.

I think the painting looks so nice in the frame.  It’s going in my Etsy shop and I think it will make a dear little piece of “cottage chic home décor.”


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