This is the fourth (and final, for the group) of the rescue dog portraits for the greeting cards to benefit Foothill Dog Rescue.
This sweetheart is “Sprite.”  As with the other three, I painted him with acrylics, in a watercolor style, on Strathmore Mixed Media paper.  I just love this paper.  It absolutely doesn’t buckle and take the paint very well.
This one has a mistake that I will try never to repeat.  Perhaps you can see the vertical pencil line a bit in from the left side.  I drew my 5″ x 7″ frame then did the drawing in it.  My mistake was that I should have checked that I liked the placement within the frame before I painted any of the background.  Once that first background layer was in, those pencil lines were sealed forever!  So when I cropped the painting differently than I had originally planned, there’s the ugly line showing!


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