Getting Serious

Yes, it’s time to get serious – some “fine” art for a change.

Here are the assembled bits for my next (second) collage built around my drawings.  There’s a dove, a butterfly, and two frogs as well as calligraphy telling the story behind the image, stars cut from rusted can lids (from my “rust farm”) and various vaguely leaf shaped bits from various papers.  Oh, and shapes torn from pages from one of my textbooks from long ago, the plays of Aeschylus in ancient Greek.  Quite an eclectic collection, don’t you think?  But that’s what makes it fun.

Here’s the story in the calligraphy, although it won’t all be legible in the final piece:

“Long ago the great king died.  His progeny ruled after him and theirs after them.  But eventually the line died out and the dynasty ended.  The palace crumbled.  The royal furnishing mouldered and rotted away.  The precious jewels fell from the crown and the crown itself rusted.  After a while a forest grew from the ruins.  A sapling hooked the crown and bore it upwards as it grew. The crown became a nest in the canopy and a new dynasty begins.”

I’ll probably be making more bits as I go.  But tomorrow I will start constructing!  Time to get out the gel medium and all those jars of fun things!


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