First Step on the Dove Collage

Getting started is the hardest part but here I am, finally finishing the first painting session on my dove collage.  I will be working in lots of layers, and this is the foundation for the deepest background.
I selected my main colors (light body acrylics thinned with water) and blocked them in with washes over a few pieces of old book pages that I “glued” to the surface with acrylic matt gel medium.  Then I added another book page, plus the calligraphy I did telling the story of this piece.  I ripped the calligraphy into two pieces and set them at an angle to each other.  I also added some patches of light molding paste and coarse molding paste with a palette knife.
I don’t have an exact roadmap for where I’m going, but I’ve decided on the placement of the main pieces and just try to make sure that each layer is pleasing in itself.
A little bit about the calligraphy.  I had a terrible time with a calligraphy pen so ended up using a brush tip marker.  The results aren’t the same as they would be with a pen because with the brush the line thickens and thins with pressure whereas with the pen the line thickens and thins with the angle you hold the pen tip.  The only brush tip marker I had was sepia; black probably would have been better.  I “aged” the paper with tea bags.  All the edges are torn.
By the way, if you tear the excess paper away from you, your “right” side of your image has a smooth surface all the way to the edge.  On the other hand, if you tear the excess paper towards you, the “right” side of the image has a layered edge with the various layers of the paper showing.  These layers will accept paint differently and it gives a more varied look.


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