A Whachamacallit

I’m having a deck replaced and part of the process was to tear out two planter boxes and the little picket fences that kept the dogs out of them.  I cut the design on each one of those pickets!  So it was a shock to see them in the dumpster.  I knew they had more life in them, so had the contractor drag the sections of fencing out of the dumpster, and then I took them apart and carefully saved all the pieces.  This is what I made from three of them.
I don’t know what to call it – I guess 3D mixed media.
I made the wood backing by cutting, gluing, and nailing the pieces of old wood, using the picket cuts at the top for a decorative edge.
My next step was the little drawing of the hare.  I did it primarily with graphite pencil on Strathmore Mixed Media paper, but then added a bit of color, first with Verithin colored pencils, then a bit of watercolor.  I sealed the drawing with Workable Fixatif, then cut the circle to match the glass circle I had. 
Miraculously, I have a forstner bit that is the same diameter as the glass circle, so I was able to cut an indentation for the drawing and glass.  But before I put the drawing and glass in place, I designed the piece by choosing and temporarily placing the stampings and other objects I wanted to use so that I could visualize the painting.
After setting the stampings, etc., aside, I sealed the wood, including inside the drilled hole, with clear wood sealer, then did the painting with acrylics.  It was really fun painting loosely on the very rough surface – something new for me, and a technique that requires getting it right the first time if you want a rustic look.
I fixed the paper drawing in place with a single dab of glue, then put in the glass, running a bead of E6000 all around the edge of the glass then carefully putting it in place.  I thought it was important that there be no glue between the drawing and the glass, but I wanted to secure the drawing so that it wouldn’t move.
My final step was to glue the stampings and other objects on the piece.  The moon is a vintage pearl button with a fingerprint of Faber Castell pearl Texture-Luxe.  I’ll add wire to the back so that it can hang on the wall.
This piece was really fun to make.  It’s fanciful, and the “trash to treasures” transformation is so satisfying!


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