The Fox Icon

I finished the fox icon after having the fun of going through my collection of metal stampings, bead, and other “stuff” one more time.  Because the other three had the beaded flower springs I thought this one should have one – or more – also.  But I had used up all the ones I had.  So the first step was to make four more to march across the bottom.
I also used a fox, an owl, and a filigree stamping, a bejeweled key that I took off a funky piece of costume jewelry, flat back rhinestones and pearls, size 6 seed beads, and leaf-shaped Czech glass beads.
My concept was a young fox in a late spring meadow high in the foothills.  So for the background I paint-sketched a sky, distant hills, middleground pine trees, a meadow with wildflowers, and a foreground tree.
These have just been so much fun to make.  Now to photograph them and put them in my Etsy shop.  And until – if ever – they sell, I’ll just enjoy them!


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