Continuing on Zeke’s Portrait

I’ve continued to work on the portrait, feeling my way along with the oil paints.

At least to me, they are vey different from either acrylics or watercolor in that it seems impossible not to blend them as you paint. With acrylics and watercolor I work in layers and rarely mix colors.  Instead, I tend to stick to the transparent colors and get the variations by laying them over each other.  The main exception is a shadow color which I mix from Ultramarine Blue and either Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna.

I’ve watched many oil painting demonstrations and the thing that always seemed like such a pain was mixing all the colors.  But I found myself doing that without even much thinking about it.  I’m enjoying it.

I can see quite a bit more for me to do in this painting, but my sister said she thinks it’s very close to being finished.  So I guess in my next painting session I’ll limit myself to the changes and additions that I think are absolutely necessary and then reassess.


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