My sister, Michelle, wanted to make a small figurine of her vet’s horse as a present to that wonderful woman who shepherded Michelle and her beloved horse Alduran through his last illness.  She found a small photo of the horse, Calgary’s, face and found out from vet staff that Calgary has four white socks.  That’s pretty much all I had to go on as I sculpted this small (about 3″ tall) figurine from polymer clay.  Michelle then added his lovely “winner’s circle collar” which she made from seed beads and a Swarovski crystal heart.
The whole time I was working on the sculpting I was so nervous because a vet – who knows much more about horse conformation, especially about her own horse, than I will ever know – would be the recipient.
After the sculpting was finished and the clay cured, I added the white markings with acrylic paint then applied a coat of matte varnish.  By the way, the eyes are glass (from and I brushed around his eyes with black mica powder and over the mane and tail with interference gold mica powder.
Thankfully, Dianna was very happy with her gift! 


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