and a Squirrel Ornament

 The same customer who ordered the little needle felted cat also wanted a squirrel ornament, so here it is.

The squirrel is 5 1/2″ tall and is holding an acorn.  The squirrel is needle felted and so is the nut of the acorn, but the nut is glued into a real acorn cap.

It’s a bit difficult felting small because there’s less armature to work with and all the details are smaller.  By some miracle I had short fiber wool for the body and matching longer fiber wool for the tail.

The tail was fun but time-consuming.  I would felt a section of the long fibers across the middle then lay the bundle around the felted tail core and felt along the center of the bundle attaching it to the core.  Then I would fold the bottom half of the bundle back up, pointing to the tail tip, and felt again at the fold.  By continuing this process from the tip to the base of the tail, I ended up with a nice fluffy – and posable – tail.


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