All Glazed and Ready to Go

 A while ago I posted a photo of these pieces in the kiln ready to be glaze fired and said I’d post photos of the finished pieces, so here they are.

As far as the fox goes, I have mixed feelings about leaving the large flower shapes on his robe white.  Perhaps peach or lavender would have been better, but not so much better that it seems worth re-firing him.  I’m pretty pleased with him as he is.

 As for Mr. Moose shaman, all the detail I put into his robe was worth it.  I think the dragonflies are a nice touch, and in keeping with his love of watery habitats.

I love the sweet look on this little lamb shaman’s face.  On the robe I used a little stamp of a bird on a branch and was careful to select a glaze that would pool in the indented parts of the clay and be darker.  Putting all the time into making sample chips of all my glazes – with a design and the name of the glaze inscribed – was so worth it because not all glazes behave this way.

And here’s my wise little squirrel.  Once again, the detail was important, as was the selection of glazes that would pool darker in the inscribed lines.  One of my favorite decorations is stamping with coiled wire.

She has a sweet face, don’t you think?


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