The Rabbit Gets a Sweater

The little needle felted rabbit I made over the weekend seemed to need something to brighten her up.  So I made her this little sweater from scraps of a vintage felted cashmere sweater.  I buy these sweater pieces on Etsy, and in case you don’t know what the “felted” means in this context, it’s simply that you run the sweater through the washer and drier.  The process shrinks and entangles the fibers so that when you cut the sweater apart the pieces don’t fray – just like felt!  It’s a great way to use old sweaters and I’ve seen pillows, quilts, and jackets made from patchwork of old felted sweater pieces.  The cashmere ones are especially nice.

I took advantage of the rolled edge of a raglan sweater piece to use as the edge of the collar and the edges down the front.  I just wrapped a scrap around her and went from there.  Then I used the narrow ribbing from the sweater v-neck to finish the bottom.  The closure is a vintage mother of pearl button sewn to the sweater over a satin bow that matches the cashmere.

I have her sitting on a stack of ribbon spools to show her size.  Also, I think the ribbon spools make quite an appropriate seat for her!


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